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MVP counts!.
While you and your service writer are entering invoices and making a profit, MVP is busy counting all those entries. Every time a part or tire out of inventory is sold MVP is making the adjustments and recalculating average costs.

If you have several inventory items that are possible for a given car, “quick reference” is a great feature. For example if a customer wants to know how much a P205/60R/15 tire costs, the service writer simply types in 2056015, and POW – MVP brings up all the tires in that size you carry in inventory with with retail price, cost and gross profit margin in an easy to read list.

Every time you input new inventory, MVP shows you how many of the item you already have on the shelf. If it looks wonky, it's found quickly so the problem can be resolved before it becomes a costly expense.

  • Automatically tracks and adjusts inventory
  • "Quick Reference" for price lookup
  • Tracks retail price, cost and gross profit margin
  • Windows based
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Inventory problem resolution

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