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Who sold what.
It's the end of the day. What did we sell? What technician did the water pump on Mr. Smith's car. How many PF47 oil filters are left on the shelf. In a matter of minutes all of these questions can be answered. Sales reports can be run by salesperson/service writer or technician. These reports can be run for any time frame. A day, a week, twenty one days, a month or three years can be pulled up and analyzed in seconds. All of the reports show selling price, cost, gross profit, and gross profit percentage. Each of these reports gives you volumes of information on how your shop is doing. Information is the key to fixing any problem or continuing success.

  • Sales reports can be produced by anyone
  • Produce report for any time frame
  • Reports include selling price, cost gross profit
    and gross profit percentage
  • Easy to read and understand reporting
  • Windows based for ease of use

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