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Cash flow is key.
We all have commercial accounts that we bill on a monthly basis. We've all heard all the excuses as to why the check didn't come when it was supposed to. MVP's accounts receivable helps eliminate this. Every month a simple process that takes seconds posts all customer charge accounts, and prints statements. Each statement list every invoice that the customer still has unpaid. The invoice listing includes the date of the invoice, the invoice number and the amount of the invoice. In the event an invoice was indeed lost having all these criteria make it a breeze to reprint an fax or email to the client so payment processing may be expedited.

  • Easy monthly process posts all charge accounts
  • Statements list all unpaid invoices
  • Date, number and amount of invoice included
  • Windows based
  • Invoices are easy for client to understand
  • reprinting or emailing invoices is simple

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